Grapes of the Plains: Lubbock Wineries Explain Why Texas Wines Are the Best Wines

When people think “good wine,” their minds drift to thoughts of Napa Valley, Italy or France. When they think of Lubbock, Texas, they envision a desert, maybe some cotton and some cattle.

Well, it’s time to rethink wine and Lubbock.

Lubbock is home to several wineries. Llano Estacado, Pheasant Ridge, CapRock Winery and McPherson Cellars are just four of those and all produce award-winning wine.

To read more about their wines and how they feel Texas wines beat all others, click on the photo below.

A New Era of Crisis Management: How Texas Tech Protects Red Raiders

By: Rachel Blevins, Laura Duclos and Megan Reyna From shootings, to knife attacks, to bombs, today’s universities have to be prepared for a variety of emergencies. In this story, we look at how the students, faculty and staff at Texas Tech University can prepare by utilizing active shooter training, obtaining their license to carry a handgun, and making […]

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Global Climate Change: More than melting ice bergs

By: Callie Yardley, Elizabeth Hale, Joseph Marcades, and Violeta Trevizo Scientific studies across the world indicate climate change is real. The effects climate change has on the world extend further than our oceans and ice caps, it effects the way we live in every aspect. From the products we consume to the way governments handle […]

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SGA proposes legislation to protect pedestrians

[youtube]   Enrollment at Texas Tech University is at an all-time high – 36,551 students enrolled this fall, the biggest class in the university’s history. With that many students on campus, the question of safety has become even more of a priority for members of the Student Government Association. External Vice President Alex DeRossi […]

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To Gift or not to Gift? Animals During the Holiday Season

We’ve all seen the heartwarming viral videos before: on Christmas day after all presents have been unwrapped, a final box manages to appear holding a small puppy or kitten inside. Excitement ensues, and while it may be magical in the moment, most people who work with animals advise against gifting them during the holiday season. […]

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Mr. Peanut is Probably from Texas

By Laura Duclos Yes, you read that headline right. If you are not a part of the agricultural community here in Texas, you might not know that the Lone Star State is actually the fourth largest peanut producer in the United States, and a lot of those farms are on the nearby plains. Individual farmers from around […]

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Substance Abuse in College: A Higher Education

An increase in binge drinking and drug use across college campus’s does not come off as a shock to many. Assistant professor for the department of community and family addiction and director of the Center for Addiction and Recovery Research, Spencer Bradshaw said he was aware of the party school reputation Texas Tech has prior […]

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Veterans Find Help From Horses

Veterans find help through horses Several different cultures around the world have depended on horses for thousands of years. Horses have been used for battle, to gather food or simply riding for fun but at the refuge services, they use horses as one of the many therapeutic tools for veterans who suffer from trauma or […]

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For some, success is literally at their fingertips

Nail salons are all over America, they are next to corner stores and inside malls, and for the most part this is a business that is dominated by Vietnamese immigrants. According to Nails Magazine, Vietnamese-Americans make up 48 percent of the nail industry, Hung Dong is part of that statistic. He along with his wife […]

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The Importance of Eating Healthy While Managing School

  When students start college, they are essentially free to do whatever they want without the guidance from their parents; including making decisions about their eating habits. According to an article from Health Marketing Quarterly, when students transition to college, their eating habits worsen. Natalie Baker is a nutritional Consultant for Healthy Meals To Go, […]

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