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On December 7, 2014, the Carol of Lights Run was held on the Texas Tech campus.
Participants were able to to run a longer, five-mile course, or a shorter, one-mile course. The 5k course ran throughout the entire campus, even through Jones AT&T Stadium.
Callum Chapman-Page, a cross-country runner for Lubbock Christian University, said he enjoyed the Carol of Lights Run.
“It was a little chilly,” Chapman-Page said, “but it was nice. It was for a good cause, so that’s awesome.”
According to the West Texas Endurance website, the Carol of Lights Run partnered with the Lubbock Apartment Association to benefit charities, such as, The Rainbow Room and Adult Protective Services.
“I ran the 5k,” Chapman-Page said. “I’m used to running long distances, so it was easy for me. But I think it is great that this many people got involved.”
Chapman-Page said it was a fun experience and will continue to participate in the upcoming years.

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Dubson Zapata is the father in a family of 6 people, total. He said his family is fortunate enough to have affordable health insurance plans in place that are not being tampered with in the passing of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act.
Zapata said despite the fact that this is not necessarily affecting his family, he understands the outcry of other Americans.
“This healthcare thing is definitely something new,” Zapata said, “something America has not seen before.”
He also said he understands those who are disappointed because of some empty promises concerning the act, but he thinks Obama is trying to do his best.
“I don’t disapprove,” Zapata said. “He is trying to make America a better person.”

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Eric Ward said the Red and Black Give Back Program is not the only way the athletic teams give back to the community.

“Our baseball team during the Thanksgiving break helped serve meals to some different groups around Lubbock,” the assistant director for Promotions and Family Relations for the Athletic Department said.

Through the year the students athletes do things for the Lubbock community, he said. The giving back does pick up during the holiday seasons though.

Red and Black Give Back is a way for the community to give back to the teams though, and to show their support, he said.

Here’s more on the baseball team’s volunteering doing the Thanksgiving break.

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Construction started almost immediately after students were able to move in to The Republic and University Courtyards. When signing leases the students were not aware of the construction that was going to be happening causing their front entrances to be closed and add travel time getting to campus.

Sean Commons lives at University Courtyards and said what adds travel time is coming back to the apartment. Some days the traffic will be all the way backed up  to The Rawls Golf Course and that adds about 10 minutes to the drive. He said when that drive is already 10 minutes, adding 10 more sitting in traffic is a pain especially when he is in a rush.

DianahAscencio is the Public Information Officer for Texas Department of Transportation said construction is rebuilding the bridge so that Erskine will run under the bridge to meet up with Texas Tech Parkway.

Students living both at The Republic and University Courtyards were notified a few days after they moved in by letter.

Ascencio said that is is hard to please everyone and with construction inconveniences are to be expected. They do try their best to limit their inconveniences but that does not always happen. Completion is set for February 2015.

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Men are the majority when it comes to video games.

Gender stereotypes in video games is a debate that has been going on since video games first became popular. The depiction of female characters in games as overly sexual has received criticism from many people and organizations.

A content analysis study conducted in 2005 found that when it comes to video game characters, males are stereotyped as being aggressive and hyper-masculine. Female characters were found to be stereotyped as highly sexual with exaggerated body parts, according to the analysis.

Katy Dunaway, a senior architecture major, believes that these stereotypes can be a good thing.

“I think in some instances, because the video game audience is dominantly men, that everything that they portray is almost like setting up role models in a way,” Dunaway said.

“It prevents kids from being aggressive in real life,” Dunaway elaborated.

Carrie Evans, a junior music education major, believes differently.

“It’s a little offensive, especially the way they portray women,” Evans said. “They are always wearing very little clothing or like they are proportionally unrealistic.”

“I feel that it gives guys an unrealistic view of women,” Evans said.

Research conducted in 2002 found that female characters in video games were typically found to be dressed in less clothing to draw attention to their bodies. Only 10-14% of characters were female in the games analyzed.

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husband and dog

Trenton Jewell and thier husky

Tiffany Jewell and her husband Trenton Jewell did not expect their husky to go missing after putting him outside to dry off from a bath on the night of May 8.

“We left her collar off and that’s when the cold front came in,” Jewell said. “The wind blew open the back gate, and we tried to look for her that night, but we couldn’t find her.”

Jewell said that her and husband woke up the next morning and tried to look for their husky then, but they did not have any luck.

She said her brother told her about the Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook, and that she should try to share her post that she put on her Facebook page.

“I shared my post with a reward and a phone number,” Jewell said. She said she was so upset and

“I had multiple calls from 30 people asking me if I had found her yet, or calling just to check in,” Jewell said.

She said this is a big town, and that she found Lost and Found Pets to be absolutely beneficial to helping her find her pet. Jewell and her husband were able to find their pet the same day she posted on Lost and Found Pets.

Not everyone is as successful to finding his or her missing pet as fast as Jewell and her husband did. There are people that have posted on the website that have been missing their pet for months. The social media page is up to 3,261 Likes. If more people have success stories of find their missing pet maybe more people will be recommended to use Lost and Found Pets as a huge resource.

dog in carcrop

The family’s husky once he was found

Lost and Found Pets uses more than one resource to help people in the community to find their pets, and even sharing people’s post seen on Facebook is a great start.

Jewell said that if someone else loses their pet that people should use the Webpage to find them. “ I would absolutely recommend putting in on there,” she said.



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Tech Alert

There is a climate of heightened concern for public safety in the United States due to an influx of tragedies and one Texas Tech graduate student is doing her best to help her university.

Allison Matherly, digital engagement coordinator at Texas Tech, said her job mainly entails working with social networking, but she also works with the emergency communications center to orchestrate the TechAlert system.

According to the Texas Tech webpage, Allison is a May 2010 graduate of Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, and a minor in American Sign Language.

Matherly said she has been working on the TechAlert notification system since it’s inception and she holds the safety of the university to the utmost importance.

“You always want to keep your campus safe,” Matherly said, “anybody who is on it. That is priority number one, but there are also legal implications.”

Explaining there is a vast quantity of things to keep in mind when dissecting campus security, Matherly said providing people with information to keep abreast of events is key.

“My number one thing is I want to make sure I’m keeping people as safe as possible and I’m don’t know who wouldn’t want to do that,” Matherly said.


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When summer comes around, there is a frenzy among students to study for the upcoming gauntlet of finals. This is only matched by the students also looking for fellow peers to sublease their apartments.

Chris Smith, community assistant at the Village at Overton Park, said subleasing is when a resident signs over their lease to another student. He said residents sublease, so they do not have to pay for rent during the summer.

“Students want to go home for the summer,” Smith said, “and not have to worry about the responsibilities of their apartment.”

For residents to sublease at the Vil­lage, he said, they must fill out a re-lent request form. Smith said residents are then encouraged to use social media to cite interest over their apartment. Residents can also sign up for a waitlist, but they should not count on it to suc­cessfully sublease, he said.

Once the tenant has a person to sublease with, that person has to fill out an application and sign their own lease, Smith said. All that is left for the tenant to do then is pay a $200 re-lent fee, and the apartment is no longer their responsibility.

Smith said currently the Village has 30 residents attempting to sublease their apartments. However, he expects only about 35 percent will be success­ful, he said.

“Many of our residents do not real­ize they have to actively look around for students to sublease with,” Smith said. “They think we are going to do everything for them.”

Nathan Creel, a sophomore busi­ness administration major from Round Rock, Texas, said he has been active in his search. He said he has been using social media and asking friends and classmates.

“However, I only feel about 50-50 on my chances to get someone to sublease with me,” Creel said.

Creel said he thought about going to summer school, but he wants to just en­joy the summer with family and friends. Creel said this past year was exhausting and needs a break from school.

He wishes there were leases that lasted only the duration of the school year, Creel said. He believes this would create less trouble for students.

Nonetheless, Chris Smith said the 1-year leases are for the convenience of the apartments.

“I think it is because school years tend to change and you never know when the start dates and end dates will be,” Smith said, “it makes it kind of hard to set an exact standard on how much time we need between terms to go in and fix everything inside the apartments.”

He said the 1-year leases also pro­vides the apartments leeway and allows them to plan better.

Creel said he is lucky though because either way he is going to get to home. He said his dad is willing to pay the rest of the lease if he is not able to find anyone to sublease.

“I am just excited to be able to go back home no matter what,” Creel said. “However, I do not want my parents to have to pay the rest of the lease if I am not going to live there during the summer.”

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Reuters building in London

Reuters building in London

New faculty member, Rebecca Ortiz, Ph.D., is excited to work with Texas Tech students  for the study abroad Maymester program in London, England.

It was the advertising department’s turn to run the program this year, so Ortiz raised her hand to help. She wanted to get involved and meet interesting students with a passion for communication, she said.
“I was one of the first ones to say something and so I got put on the project, and from there it started to become almost like a second job,” she said. “I knew that I wanted to get involved, because who doesn’t want to get involved in study abroad?”
Ortiz said she is interested to see how advertising works outside of the United States. Teaching in the classroom can be limited, so it is great experience for the students to gain exposure in London as a birthplace of media.
“It’s kind of a crash course, because there’s only so much time to do instruction here in Lubbock,” she said, “but what is going to be interesting is when we get to go over to London and see how advertising works in a different marketplace.”
London is a good introduction and stepping stone into traveling abroad, Ortiz said. Many Tech students are from Texas and are unfortunately blind to the world outside of the U.S., so this trip offers students the opportunity to see living and working abroad as potential option for their future.
“I think it’s nice giving some students at least some potential to think about having a job in London, or anywhere abroad,” she said. “It’s still possible and not something that’s outside the realm of possibility.”
Ortiz said they have many things planned on the itinerary, particularly visiting some of the advertising agencies and PR firms, which she has not been able to see internationally.
She said she is looking forward to seeing how the younger students react to the experience of traveling abroad, because study abroad in media and communications is such a new phenomenon.
“It’s kind of fun to watch the newness, and being a little naïve to international travel, “ Ortiz said, “so I’m kind of excited to see how that all works out, and hopefully it works out well.”

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Planning and Preparation

It is no secret that Texas Tech University’s annual Arbor Day is a big event.

Arbor Day is celebrated all around the United States all through out the year, and according to the Arbor Day Foundation’s website, Nebraska was the first state to make this day a legal holiday.

 Tech Activities Board advisor Sonia Moore said because Arbor Day is important through out the United States, Texas Tech wants to do it’s part each year.

Moore said that planning for this event begins early in the year and lasts about four months.

“Arbor Day planning actually begins toward the first of the year,” Moore said, “and we have a committee comprised of severaldifferent individuales on campus.”

Moore explained that TAB must coordinate with several different people to make this event happen.

She said the organizations they work with include the grouds crewhospitality department, and Bahama Bucks.

“We have several meetings throughout the semester,” Moore said, “just to make sure we are all ready for the event.”





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