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Craig Kuehnert, the assistant director for student housing, said that when the Carol of Lights committee begins planning the event, they try to keep it the same, year after year.
“In a lot of ways the event is the same from year to year,” Kuehnert said. “We like to maintain the tradition.”
Kuehnert said one of the reasons the ceremony is always similar to previous years is because everyone has different aspects of the event that they like and look forward to seeing. He said one thing that changes each year is the theme of the event. The message at the ceremony also changes to match the theme of that year. The 2014 theme was celebrating spirit and traditions.
Student Chair for Carol of Lights Jarrett Fullington agreed that the tradition is maintained each year, but he said there were a few changes to this years production that he hoped would make the program even better.
Fullington said that there were improvements made to the sound system and handicapped parking arrangements.
“Just a lot of things like that,” Fullington said, “subtle nuances that we hope will make the event run a little bit smoother.”
Fullington also said that out of the estimated 20,000 lights the majority of them are now LED. He said that change will help to extend the life of the Christmas lights and allow the campus to be more eco-friendly. They hope to have the transition to 100% LED lights completed by 2016.

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After the creation of Obamacare, it has been all over the news that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has gone down. Most of the public has not liked the provisions of the healthcare act, and in turn it has caused them to believe less in our president. Here we have the links to a few polls with the president’s ratings.

This first one is a graph from Gallup Poll of President Obama’s approval rating over the years of his presidency.

As you can see, the president began with a high approval rating early on in the presidency, and then his approval ratings fluctuated. Now the approval rating is fairly low, at 43%.

This next one is a little more detailed. This page has the most recent average and compares it Obama’s overall approval rating during his whole term so far as well as his high points, low points, and a week-by-week break down. While his approval rating has been down lately, you can see it is not the lowest it has ever been.

These polls also reveal that his average approval rating is below the historical average, but there are other presidents who have had worse ratings.

The last poll is from Real Clear Politics. It compares President Obama’s approval ratings with polls taken by various organizations.

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Sean Commons lives at University Courtyards and the construction going on has caused the front entrance to his apartment complex to be closed only leaving the side entrance open.

Commons said if he knew about the construction it would have made him change his mind about living there. The apartment complex did not notify residents until right before the construction was going to happen. Since that front entrance is closed it adds about 10 minutes getting home, but leaving it does not make much of a difference other than having to travel in a big loop.

His biggest frustration is having to allow a lot more travel time than necessary when getting to school and work which as proved to be an inconvenience. Sometimes he is late getting where he needs to go because of all the traffic resulting from the construction. When he signed the lease he was told it takes on average five minutes to get to campus and with the construction that is not the case.

Travel time to get to work is also a lot more than it used to be because of construction. He said when he already has to be at work by 8 a.m., leaving 10 minutes earlier than he used to makes a big difference some mornings.

If he knew the construction was going to take place shutting off the front entrance, he never would have signed a lease with University Courtyards.

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Ubisoft Comes To Tech

Free stuff that was available.

Free gifts that were offered by Ubisoft.

Representatives from Ubisoft, a major game developer, made an appearance and offered free cuzies, stickers, sunglasses, and sweatbands at Alpha Kappa Psi’s video game tournament on April 25.

Although, the items were not completely free, since in return participants of the tournament had to like the Ubisoft at Texas Tech Facebook page.

Juan Cantu, a senior engineering major, was one of the representatives and said the Facebook page will alert Tech students to any events and offerings of free items that Ubisoft is planning in the future.

Cantu also said that Ubisoft is branching out to students to get more awareness of and get students excited about their upcoming games. During the tournament Cantu and his associate had stickers showing the logo for the future Splinter Cell game along Just Dance sweatbands.


Juan Cantu

Cantu said Ubisoft is always looking to hire university students in order to better reach their target audience.

“Yeah, it’s a really fun job.” Cantu said, “I get to give people free stuff and learn about games that are coming out before anyone else.”

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As final exams near closer, Tech students have been actively studying and preparing for the semester to end.

For many of these students, the challenge has been seeking a balance between rest and their studying.

Jake Johnson, junior marketing major from Austin, said he thinks if a student has a job, going to work might be a good, active break away from studies.

“I think if you have a job, it’s defi­nitely good to go work at your job one or two shifts during finals,” he said. “It’s a different kind of challenge for your mind, it makes sure your mind is still working and then it also gives you confidence that your mind does still work.”

Johnson said another produc­tive way to not create as much stress during fi­nals is to start early.

“I like to spread out my studying a little bit each day, and not really cram as much,” he said. “I’ve noticed I retain things better if I see things multiple times each day rather than like reading everything one day and hope I remember it.”

Jason Munoz a sophomore personal financial planning major from Crosby­ton, said he thinks cramming can be harmful to the confi­dence and psyche of a student going into their exam.

“I think when you get behind and you are cramming it really reduces your confidence,” he said. “You’re not being able to study as effectively as if you had the motivation to study because you are confident enough that you have a good basic understanding of the material.”

Munoz said prioritizing is the impor­tant thing to remember when approach­ing the end of the semester.

“For each student it’s different,” he said. “What I have found is the best studying technique for me is to be re­laxed but also understand there is a time and a place to be relaxed and as finals approach, I don’t think it’s the time or the place.”

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Garcia’s missing pet

Crystal Garcia and her family are a family that still has hope that they will find their pet that has been missing since June of 2012.

“We’ve moved three times since we have been back in Lubbock,” Garcia said.

“I was at my aunt’s house, and I let her run around outside. She was trained and everything, so I can’t imagine her just running away. I think someone took her.”

She said the reason that the dog was put outside was because she was trying to follow everyone in the house, and her and her family were in the process of moving out of her aunt’s house.

She said within 30 minutes of her being outside she was gone. There was not a way for her to get out, according to Garcia. “We had just gotten her a haircut,” she said. “She couldn’t have gotten ran over since there was only one road by the house.”

Garcia said that her dog, Mamas, was her pregnancy detector for her two boys that she has now. She said that she was their family pet for six years.

“She only has one eye and has microchip,” she said. Garcia also said that it was her fault for not putting a collar on her dog, but that she would never have expected her to go missing.

Garcia said she thought about posting on the Lost and Found Pets Webpage via Facebook, but she would have to find a picture of her. “I did get on one website to post about her missing, but I don’t remember what website it was,” she said.

She said she may use Lost and Found Pets to help find her missing dog, since she has not had any luck finding her up to this point.

She said that she has two more dogs now, but that they don’t replace Mamas. “My boys miss her, and I try to hide it how much I miss her,” Garcia said.

Even though it has been a few months, Garcia has not given up hope. “I think she’s still alive, and hopefully someone will bring her back one day,” she said.    She said considering that her dog had gotten a haircut the day she went missing, she said that whoever may have taken her should know that she was well taken care of.

“I miss her everyday,” Garcia said. “I just want her back.”

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Clery Act


Ronald Phillips, TTU Emergency Management Coordinator, said the Clery Act is another facet of campus safety and emergency preparedness.

“We take that very seriously and that’s one thing I oversee out of this office, Philips said, pulling all our Clery Act information together.”

According the Clery Center official website, the act requires colleges and universities alike to do three things: publish and annual security report, have a public crime log, and Disclose crime statistics for incidents that occur on campus, in unobstructed public areas immediately adjacent to or running through the campus and at certain non-campus facilities.

While the majority of the act pertains to sexual assaults and crimes against singular students, Phillips said, there are also regulations that deal with campus wide safety concerns. Institutions must issue timely warnings about crimes that pose a serious or ongoing threat to students and employees.

In addition to timely warnings, the site further states, institutions must also devise an emergency response, notification, and testing policy.

With recent events occurring on college campuses nation wide the Clery Act is pertinent because within its requirements are rules regarding missing students. This could aid students who have been abducted, but it could also help alert authorities to students who are involved in nation security threats.

This article specifically states, according to the website, institutions must enact procedures to handle reports of missing students.

“This requirement is intended to minimize delays and confusion during the initial stages of a missing student investigation. Institutions must designate one or more positions or organizations to which reports of a student living in on-campus housing can be filed if it’s believed that student has been missing for 24 hours,” according to the Clery Center website.


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Man on Horse guarding building

Man on Horse guarding building

Out of the possible study abroad destinations available for this program, study abroad faculty member and organizer Randy Reddick chose London for a variety of reasons.

“I was in London, two, sometimes three times a year working with journalists and with journalism scholars,” he said. “As a result of that, I developed a number of friendships, and I developed a real interest in and love for London as a city.”
Reddick said students are able to easily connect with London from a historical perspective, because most regions on earth have been touched by the British Empire at some point in time.
“Our nation started as a group of British colonies, so there will be a lot of history, and a lot of history you can reach out and touch in London,” he said. “The other thing is to connect with people in institutions in Britain.”
New faculty member, Rebecca Ortiz, said London is a good study abroad destination because it is international and offers a different culture, but there is not a language barrier. Student’s may feel more comfortable studying in this location because they don’t have to become accustomed to a new language that takes time to learn.   
“I think a lot of other students really like that because they know that they don’t have to worry about that language barrier, and maybe that jumps them off into traveling to other place and being more comfortable traveling abroad,” she said. “Because London is that first step.”
London still remains at the center of business, communications, and a lot of media activity, Reddick said, and in some areas, it is marginally more important than New York.
“The creation of the British empire and it’s flourishing through the middle of the 20th century, in essence, created a global communication demand,” he said. “And so, an awful lot of the global communication we look a today are really the result of the British empire.”
America, particularly Wall Street, picked up on as the British empire was starting to fade in the middle part of the 20th century, Reddick said. The forms of communication that we rely on everyday flourished as a result of London as a capital and global source of media.
“I think there’s a wonderful mesh of history and communications born out of London,” he said.


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Men behind the Music

Friday afternooon, sounds of  pop music could be heard through out the Texas Tech campus .

The music was part of Texas Tech’s annual Arbor Day festivities and courtesy of  the band This Century.
The Phoenix based band is made up of five members, and formed while the majority of the members were in high school. 

Lead singer, Joel Kanitz said the band started about seven years ago and he was recruited when he switched schools.

“I switched to their art school and they heard me sing and they asked me to audition,” Kantiz said, “and I auditioned and we clicked, and we’ve been making music ever since.”

The band said in a previous interview that they had two previous names before settling on This Century, and that the idea for the name came from a joke made by bass player, Alex Silverman.

This Century has toured the United States with several bands, including Good Charlotte and Forever the Sickest Kids.

 Kanitz said the band was contacted through it’s management and did not know the specifics of the event, but the was excited to play at Tech. 

 “We’ve been to  Lubbock once before, so we were like ‘let’s  do it,’” Kanitz said, “and its Arbor Day, we didn’t know about that, but we plan on planting many trees.”

For more information and upcoming tour dates, check out    


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As many students approach their senior year they say they are going to miss out on some of the ceremonies Texas Tech offers.

Courtney Giamello, an Early Childhood Education major, said she is really going to miss attending Carol of Lights every December.

“I really enjoy seeing all the lights around campus,” said Giamello. “It really makes me proud to attend a university that is so pretty.”

Giamello is graduating in May of 2013 and said she isn’t ready to leave Texas Tech just yet. She said she wants to enjoy her last semester here before she has to go out in the real world.

Lindsey Cain, a student from Austin, Texas, has attended Tech for five years.

“Some people graduate in four years,” said Cain,” but I wanted to do a victory lap, so I could have another year at college.”

Cain said she is graduating a semester late because she changed her major from general business to restaurant and hotel industrial management when she was a sophomore.

“I don’t regret my decision at all, because it allowed me to stay another year and have an extra good college experience,” said Cain.

She said she plans on attending Carol of Lights for her fifth year. Cain said she usually goes with her friends to see the event and then goes out to the bars afterwards.

“I really am going to miss this campus,” said Cain, “especially when it is lit up with Christmas lights, because it looks so beautiful.”

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