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Monster Dash – Matt Casey

For this assignment, I covered a 5K sponsored by the Tech Triathalon team. This run was a fundraiser for the team to compete in a national competition. The run was open to the public, and everyone was encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes.


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Dubson Zapata is the father in a family of 6 people, total. He said his family is fortunate enough to have affordable health insurance plans in place that are not being tampered with in the passing of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act.
Zapata said despite the fact that this is not necessarily affecting his family, he understands the outcry of other Americans.
“This healthcare thing is definitely something new,” Zapata said, “something America has not seen before.”
He also said he understands those who are disappointed because of some empty promises concerning the act, but he thinks Obama is trying to do his best.
“I don’t disapprove,” Zapata said. “He is trying to make America a better person.”

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Since the ObamaCare began to actually take place, controversy arose. Obama’s approval rating began declining afterwards, and some people who supported him before say they no longer do. We interviewed students and asked them for their thoughts on Obama and if the new healthcare act affected how they thought of him.



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After the creation of Obamacare, it has been all over the news that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has gone down. Most of the public has not liked the provisions of the healthcare act, and in turn it has caused them to believe less in our president. Here we have the links to a few polls with the president’s ratings.

This first one is a graph from Gallup Poll of President Obama’s approval rating over the years of his presidency.

As you can see, the president began with a high approval rating early on in the presidency, and then his approval ratings fluctuated. Now the approval rating is fairly low, at 43%.

This next one is a little more detailed. This page has the most recent average and compares it Obama’s overall approval rating during his whole term so far as well as his high points, low points, and a week-by-week break down. While his approval rating has been down lately, you can see it is not the lowest it has ever been.

These polls also reveal that his average approval rating is below the historical average, but there are other presidents who have had worse ratings.

The last poll is from Real Clear Politics. It compares President Obama’s approval ratings with polls taken by various organizations.

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The Assistant Director for Promotions and Family Engagement for Texas Tech Athletics is excited for this holiday season. He said he is working on his first Red and Black Give Back this year, but Texas Tech has been doing it for the at least five.

In this interview he explains what is Red and Black Gives Back, who it helps, and what the basketball teams think about it.


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Eric Ward said the Red and Black Give Back Program is not the only way the athletic teams give back to the community.

“Our baseball team during the Thanksgiving break helped serve meals to some different groups around Lubbock,” the assistant director for Promotions and Family Relations for the Athletic Department said.

Through the year the students athletes do things for the Lubbock community, he said. The giving back does pick up during the holiday seasons though.

Red and Black Give Back is a way for the community to give back to the teams though, and to show their support, he said.

Here’s more on the baseball team’s volunteering doing the Thanksgiving break.

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Sean Commons lives at University Courtyards and the construction going on has caused the front entrance to his apartment complex to be closed only leaving the side entrance open.

Commons said if he knew about the construction it would have made him change his mind about living there. The apartment complex did not notify residents until right before the construction was going to happen. Since that front entrance is closed it adds about 10 minutes getting home, but leaving it does not make much of a difference other than having to travel in a big loop.

His biggest frustration is having to allow a lot more travel time than necessary when getting to school and work which as proved to be an inconvenience. Sometimes he is late getting where he needs to go because of all the traffic resulting from the construction. When he signed the lease he was told it takes on average five minutes to get to campus and with the construction that is not the case.

Travel time to get to work is also a lot more than it used to be because of construction. He said when he already has to be at work by 8 a.m., leaving 10 minutes earlier than he used to makes a big difference some mornings.

If he knew the construction was going to take place shutting off the front entrance, he never would have signed a lease with University Courtyards.

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Construction work along the northwest side of the Loop and Erskine St. is making things difficult for students who live at the Republic and University Courtyards. Most students’ daily commutes have been longer than they expected when they signed their leases. In this story, we talked to two students who live in those apartment complexes. We also talked to Dianah Ascencio, the Public Information Officer for TxDot.

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Construction started almost immediately after students were able to move in to The Republic and University Courtyards. When signing leases the students were not aware of the construction that was going to be happening causing their front entrances to be closed and add travel time getting to campus.

Sean Commons lives at University Courtyards and said what adds travel time is coming back to the apartment. Some days the traffic will be all the way backed up  to The Rawls Golf Course and that adds about 10 minutes to the drive. He said when that drive is already 10 minutes, adding 10 more sitting in traffic is a pain especially when he is in a rush.

DianahAscencio is the Public Information Officer for Texas Department of Transportation said construction is rebuilding the bridge so that Erskine will run under the bridge to meet up with Texas Tech Parkway.

Students living both at The Republic and University Courtyards were notified a few days after they moved in by letter.

Ascencio said that is is hard to please everyone and with construction inconveniences are to be expected. They do try their best to limit their inconveniences but that does not always happen. Completion is set for February 2015.

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Are your tires ready for winter?

Are your tires ready for winter?


With harsh conditions already sweeping across the area, it’s important to be prepared for anything. That includes making sure your tires are road ready and knowing to take extra precautions when driving. Be sure to be safe out there and for more information on weather conditions, check out:

Windchill for Saturday December 7th

Windchill for Saturday December 7th


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