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My football passion

What is my passion? Well, I’m glad you asked. It may be strange, but I have a passion for UConn football. Really, UConn? That’s right, UConn. I have followed the University of Connecticut pigskin program passionately for the last decade or so. What triggered my passion for the Huskies on the gridiron is my former residency in the state of Connecticut. Since there were on pro football teams in the Constitution State, I started following UConn once they started getting more media coverage when they made the transition to Division I.

That first year was a tough one for UConn, starting the season 2-6. However, they were able to finish the season on a four-game winning streak culminating in a victory against Big 12 Conference member Iowa State (this was back when the Cyclones had Seneca Wallace, and were halfway decent.)

Since that miraculous .500 season, UConn has continued to impress me every year. Even though they do not always have the greatest players, they are always able to compete. The Huskies are perennially in the underdog role (pun intended) and I love that. Some of the best players to come out of the official state university of Connecticut include quarterback Dan Orlovsky. He holds virtually every passing record UConn has to offer, including passing yards in a season, passing yards in a career, touchdowns in a season, wins, and has the distinction of leading UConn to its first bowl berth and victory ever. You may remember Orlovsky as the Detroit Lions Quarterback who ran out the back of the endzone a couple of years back, causing a safety. Yup, that’s how they breeed ’em at UConn.

However, Orlovsky’s misfortune in Detroit was a blessing in disguise — at least from my point of view. Orlovsky is now a third-string quarterback on my favorite NFL team, the Houston Texans. Orlovsky paved the way for other UConn players to be drafted into the professional ranks, culminating in running Donald Brown being drafted in the first round of the 2009 draft by the Colts. I plan on following the Huskies for a long time, and I do not anticipate ever being disappointed by their play.

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