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Changing the World

My passion is to change the world.

I am changing the world because the world I live in is not the ideal place. I start changing the world by actively battling stereotypes in every form that I can. I am limited in the stereotypes that I can refute because my looks or position do not fit every stereotype, but as I actively battle the ones I can and encourage others to battle the ones they can, we collectively battle as many negative stereotypes as possible. I am 19. I am black. I am a woman. I am educated. I am strong. I have a bright future. I have no kids. I have no tattoos. I do not live in the ghetto. There’s more to me than meets the eye. I am intellectual. I am a thinker. I am a hard worker. I am battling the negative stereotypes that are associated with young black women by being the best I can be; by doing the opposite of what you expect me to be.

I am also changing the world by using what I know to help others. Low self-esteem is an issue that affects everyone, but most definitely affects black girls. The world of these girls would be a  better place if their self-esteem was higher. Therefore, to change the world, I use the knowledge that I have learned, being a person who was affected by low self-esteem in my youth, to encourage any little black girl I encounter that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, and not to let anyone tell them differently.

Love yourself. Love your full lips. Love your hair that curls and coils and accumulates into what seems like a sea of kinks. Love your chocolaty brown skin.

I change the world by letting people know that once you love yourself for who you truly are, you allow others to love you for who you are.

My passion is to change the world.

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