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My History

I was born on July 1, 1991 in Plano, Texas. I have numerous injuries throughout my life, including breaking both of my ankles twice. My entire life I have liked sports, and I have played sports since I was 3. The first sport that I played was soccer, but my favorite sport that I ever played was football. I played football for Plano Senior High School, and in my junior year we finished third in the state playoffs. I have even taken karate and I have received my black belt. When I graduate from Texas Tech I plan on becoming a sports broadcaster. My ultimate goal is to become an anchor for ESPN or on one of the sport specific T.V. stations like MLBTV of NFL Network. I have always wanted to be a sports broadcaster because it was a way that I could be around sports and I would get paid to sit around all day and talk about sports.

Me on the Guadalupe River

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