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First Web: Thomas Magelssen

Welcome to my Web space

I created this page from scratch…in only a text editor.

I’m hungry, so I’ve made this shopping list.

  • Beer
  • Beer
  • Beer
  • Beer
  • Beer
  • Beer
Rose Daisy Tulip
Lily Chrysanthemum Snapdragon
Carnation Bluebonnet Dandelion

One of my favorite quarterbacks is Peyton Manning.

Manning enjoys another Colts victory

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  • Author comment by Roger Saathoff · March 31, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Wow! Another Payton fan! Ever since I earned my Ph.D. at U of Tennessee, I have followed all of the UT teams and activities. Payton is atop the ‘hero pile’ in our entire household. So… in the last two weeks, there have been news reports about his ‘rival’ for the Heismann. The quarterback who went to san Diego, crumbled, and recently was coaching at WT-AM and was arrested on drug charges. What was his name? Leaf?

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