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My History

I was born on December 11th, 1990 in Houston to my parents Debra and David Compton. From an early life, my mom always noticed that I was never a shy child, though i was never that talkative as a baby. I learned to walk around 8 months, but didn’t really start talking until I was two. It wasn’t because I couldn’t talk, I just was too busy exploring everything around me to slow down and talk to people. I grew up in Spring, Texas, a small suburb of Houston, for about 9 years before my family decided to up and move to North Carolina in 1999. I don’t remember much about living in North Carolina, except for the fact that most of the people looked down on my family because we weren’t from there. My parents must have loved living there so much, that they moved back down to Houston after a year (catch the sarcasm?) We moved back to a different suburb of Houston, this time Cypress on the North West side. I lived in Cypress from 10 until I graduated from Cy-Fair High school at 18. It is where I truly consider my home, mainly because I really don’t remember many other places. My high school years were filled with football and monotonous work, but mine was different because my mother had taught at my school for over 19 years. She actually had a dream while pregnant with me that the school nurse had to deliver me while the rest of her kids watched. Cy-Fair led to Texas Tech and the rest of my story has yet to be written.

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