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My History

I was born in Mexico in a town called Morelia, which in the state of Michoacan. My father was a pastor of a baptist church there and my mother was a missionary, so I was always around a particular environment of people who have committed their lives to serve and be like Jesus. About twelve years later my parents divorced, I had a little brother, and my family and I had been living in Ciudad Juarez for about ten years already. Although the break up of my family was not something I ever wanted, the event pushed me to write my feeling in a diary. The fall after my parents began their separation I started going to school in El Paso, Texas, since it is just across the border from Juarez, I would walk across the border and to school every morning, and I would walk back every afternoon.

I learned English at the school I went to, by the time I was a Senior I was convinced that I wanted to be a journalist. I received a scholarship  that paid for all of my education at South Plains College, but since my Senior year in high-school I have also learned that I too want to follow my God, so I can say that my goals have changed over a period of time.

Now I want to be a voice for Jesus in any place at any time. I want to write about the people who have followed Christ and how it has not always been nice or pretty. I would like to travel around the world, take pictures and write about it as well. I don’t care about money a lot, so simplicity is much more attractive to me and to the way I want to live.

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