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My History

A little about me – I’m a 20-year-old junior journalism major from Waco, Texas. I’m not originally from Waco, though. I was actually born in New York, and have moved all over the country pretty much my whole life for my dad’s job. I’ve lived in Tennessee, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and New York, to name a few. I went to three different middle schools and two high schools before graduating and coming to Tech.

I’ve loved writing ever since I was little, so when my parents suggested that I major in journalism, it wasn’t a very hard choice. Looking back now, I realize there’s nothing else I would rather do – and nothing I would be better suited for. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be graduating in spring 2014 and going into graduate school.

I currently work at the Daily Toreador and have been there for almost a year now. I’m also the president of a student organization. I hope to get my first internship in the spring or over the summer break to get some more experience in the field. My ambitions are to get a job at a newspaper after graduating and move my way up into bigger markets to eventually work for a big city paper. I’d like to stay in Texas, and I’d love to live in Austin if I could.


My brother and I on Thanksgiving day.

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