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Pen and Ink Artwork

My passion is pen and ink artwork.

By using rapidograph pens with fine nibs I am able to create intricate designs and patterns that closely mirror scrimshaw done by sailors. This has been a major outlet to vent my stress from an early age and I have continued to pursue it into my adult life.

When I was a child I grew up on the campus of a small, all female, liberal arts college. Sweet Briar was situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Amherst, Virginia. Whilst living there I enjoyed picking through art supplies students happened to leave in the studios over summer vacation and there I found my first rapidograph pen.

Once I entered elementary school my parents discovered I had a talent for doing fine line sketches of small animals. The school I attended did not have adequate means to foster my growth as an artist and secured a tutor for me. She happened to be a graduate student at Sweet Briar and a girl I knew personally. This marked the beginning of the first after school art program at Amherst Elementary.

I will continue to draw and sketch in my spare time well the latter years of my life. If I could not continue to do this I would be greatly distressed.




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