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First Web: Dawit Haile

My First Web Page from Scratch

Dawit Haile’s First Web from Scratch

I created this Web page in my News Presentation 1 Lab. I created this entire page using only text. I used Text Wrangler for this assignment.

I have to go to the market, and I am going to buy:

  1. cereal
  2. Chlorox
  3. tennis ball
  4. orange juice
  5. milk
  6. tomatoes

It’s spring. I’m going to plant some flowers in my garden.

daisy rose tulip
petunia lantana bluebonnet
columbine dandelion sunflower

One of my heroes is Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan's tearful embrace with his first NBA championship

Michael Jordan’s tearful embrace with his first NBA championship

This is Michael Jordan’s Web site.

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