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Units cause hazard

I chose to begin with the police officer calling in an emergency to get the audience interested in the story and to show the “local”county. I then chose the caution tape in front of tires to show that this could happen anywhere in the city. That scene could be seen anywhere in any town. Now that the audience is invested, I decided to chose a close up of the storage facility in which the hazardous material was found to bring the story to where it occurred. Next I showed just how much waste was found as an establishing shot and to show the drama of the situation. Then I picked a close up of the fertilizer in the storage facility to show just exactly what was found. I then showed the waste in the storage units. Then I chose the man in the hazard waste suit removing the fertilizer to show when the narrator said “it is a hazardous substance” and the special containers. The man putting up the caution tape after that shows that they had to “investigate” to see if it was leaking. I showed the main checking the containers to show the “checking for ammonia released” narration. I then chose a medium shot of the containers stacked to put into context how there was so much found yet Trout was not able to reach the owner. I then showed the man going back into the unit to show “large fine” – there were multiple trips made in order to get it all out so that is where the fine is coming from. My ending shot is a moving truck to show it can be done, and give the audience the hope that the hazardous waste is moved and the community is safe once again.



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