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Texas Tech participates in ‘A Day Without Shoes’

Many Texas Tech Students committed to wearing no shoes for Toms’ One Day Without Shoes national movement.

Tech Residence Housing Association hosted the pledge event on April 28 for students to sign up for the event. In order to commit to the movement, students were able to place a red hand print on the pledge sheet along with a red thumb print to show community-wide effort for the special day.

Dillon Quinn, Diversity Inclusion Chair of RHA, was in charge of the event that had students going bare foot.

“When it’s such a commodity to us, we go out and buy $300 and $400 shoes,” Quinn said, “when people go everyday without shoes it’s more of a realization state for us.”


Another participant in the pledge event, Vivian Cervantez, pledged her loyalty to the occasion to show students that wearing certain shoes aren’t about the brand labels.

“We don’t really realize that there are people out in the world who can’t even afford basic sandals to protect their feet from the rough terrain outside,” Cervantez said.

Even if Tech students did not sign up during the pledge event, they were still able to participate in “One Day Without Shoes.”

For more information about the event check out the newscast coverage of the event at

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