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Growing up Gonzales

I may have only grown up in a family of six, but most of the time it felt as if there were twelve. My parents are the sweetest, most hardworking people I know. We have never had a wealth of money, but my parents have always managed to get my siblings and I what we need and want. My older brother, Josh, is twenty-five and currently a Texas Tech student as well. We have always been close growing up and he has always been one of my best friends, even when he drives me crazy most of the time. Josh and I have two younger siblings, Dane, our fifteen-year-old brother and Delaney, our fourteen-year-old sister. Before they were born, Josh and I did everything together; somehow he managed to put up with me following him everywhere. Dane and Delaney were the sweetest, most precious babies I had ever seen. I would always want to be near them and hold them and feed them. I would even wake them up during their nap just so I could hold them. My parents said they really appreciated the time and effort I put into spending with my siblings, but now I may regret always being near them. My little sister is always stuck to me like glue when we are together. It can get a little annoying sometimes, but is that not what sisters are supposed to do? My siblings and my parents are my best friends. Throughout my life, I have not found any one I can be as close to and secure in a relationship as I am with the members of my family. We hold our Christian values and beliefs close and we always try to spend as much time together as possible. We eat all our meals together, especially when Josh and I visit from college. We all have a love for sports and a close bond between each other since our dad coached each of our sports teams growing up and my dad and I have always had a bond with football and softball.

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