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My Passion

Six years ago, a couple met for the first time at the South Plains Fair.

This year, I spoke with the husband and wife individually and listened to them tell me about their whirlwind romance.

Last year, I met a couple of kids from Honduras while they were in Lubbock to undergo heart procedures.

I followed their story from the day they arrived at the airport to their last day in town.

Earlier this year, I met the man behind the voice of my favorite hyena and low rider vehicle (I’ve watched too many Disney movies).

These are the kinds of stories that fuel my passion. I’m a sucker for a good feature story.

Journalism wasn’t introduced to me until late high school/early college, but my passion for writing began long before.

Letting a story – whether personal or journalism-related – flood the pages of a notebook or a computer screen feels so liberating and relieves stress. When lost in a words, it’s easy to forget when or where you are. It’s easy to become submerged in whatever you’re writing about and not realize  you already have three or four pages done when you only had to write one.

But writing is more than a hobby. It provides a form of expression for me.

I’m a generally quiet person. If I don’t know you, I’m more likely to observe than speak until we’re more acquainted (then you can’t get me to be quiet). But writing is different. Getting carried away with words is like a second nature to me, which is why journalism is a good career field for me.

I once heard journalism described as “writing with a purpose.”

I don’t need a purpose to write, but it sure helps the words flow.

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