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Students Prepare for Finals

With finals inching closer, both students and professors are recapping on both the information taught and the study tips gained during the semester.

Not all students are created equally though, and some study tips work for some, while others work for other students.
Chantal Espinoza, a senior electronic media and communication major from Pflugerville, said she has to wait until the day before her test to begin studying.


Utilize all class materials

“I get really bad test anxiety,” she said. “So I have to wait to study so I don’t start freaking out days in advance.”

While that works for Espinoza, Cam Stone, a professor in the College of Media and Communications, said he thinks it is important that students begin studying days before an exam.

“Cramming the night before barely helps,” he said. “If a student takes maybe a week before a test and reviews a little bit each day, they will build up to knowing all the things that will be on an exam instead of trying to fit it in all the night before.”

Study guides prove beneficial for exam preparation

Study guides prove beneficial for exam preparation

Zeth Abney, a freshman electronic media and communication major from Gilmer, said he is about to take his first final exams at Texas Tech and thinks he should be more nervous than he currently is.

To get ready for those finals, though, he has been studying by reworking sample problems for his math class and rereading parts of the textbook for his other classes.

“The most important tip I think is get enough rest,” Stone said. “That way your brain is operating at the best level.”

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