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Lighting Up the Sky

On Dec. 2, Texas Tech University held the Carol of Lights for the 56th continuous year.
The event takes place on campus each year and lights up more than 20,000 Christmas lights. Lubbock locals, such as Debra Henderson and many more, welcome the holiday season by gathering at Memorial Circle and enjoying the show.
“Well, it’s kind of like the beginning of the season for me,” Henderson said. “It kicks things off, you know, it’s just tradition.”IMG_4839
Debra said she and her husband have been attending the Carol of Lights each year since they met, in 1992. They now live in a small town outside of Lubbock and bring their own children as well.
“For us,” she said, “Christmas is coming into downtown Lubbock and looking at Tech’s tree and lights.”
The tech campus is also home to a 38-foot Christmas tree that lights up the intersection on Broadway and University. The tree has been a part of the Carol of Lights since 2002.IMG_4840
In addition, the event includes Tech’s School of Music and holds a concert afterwards.
“It covers a lot of stuff,” Henderson said. “You get the music and the lights. I just like the festivity of the whole thing.”

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