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A Holiday Run for A Good Cause

On December 7, 2014, the Carol of Lights Run was held on the Texas Tech campus.
Participants were able to to run a longer, five-mile course, or a shorter, one-mile course. The 5k course ran throughout the entire campus, even through Jones AT&T Stadium.
Callum Chapman-Page, a cross-country runner for Lubbock Christian University, said he enjoyed the Carol of Lights Run.
“It was a little chilly,” Chapman-Page said, “but it was nice. It was for a good cause, so that’s awesome.”
According to the West Texas Endurance website, the Carol of Lights Run partnered with the Lubbock Apartment Association to benefit charities, such as, The Rainbow Room and Adult Protective Services.
“I ran the 5k,” Chapman-Page said. “I’m used to running long distances, so it was easy for me. But I think it is great that this many people got involved.”
Chapman-Page said it was a fun experience and will continue to participate in the upcoming years.

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