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Small Changes, Same Amazing Product

Craig Kuehnert, the assistant director for student housing, said that when the Carol of Lights committee begins planning the event, they try to keep it the same, year after year.
“In a lot of ways the event is the same from year to year,” Kuehnert said. “We like to maintain the tradition.”
Kuehnert said one of the reasons the ceremony is always similar to previous years is because everyone has different aspects of the event that they like and look forward to seeing. He said one thing that changes each year is the theme of the event. The message at the ceremony also changes to match the theme of that year. The 2014 theme was celebrating spirit and traditions.
Student Chair for Carol of Lights Jarrett Fullington agreed that the tradition is maintained each year, but he said there were a few changes to this years production that he hoped would make the program even better.
Fullington said that there were improvements made to the sound system and handicapped parking arrangements.
“Just a lot of things like that,” Fullington said, “subtle nuances that we hope will make the event run a little bit smoother.”
Fullington also said that out of the estimated 20,000 lights the majority of them are now LED. He said that change will help to extend the life of the Christmas lights and allow the campus to be more eco-friendly. They hope to have the transition to 100% LED lights completed by 2016.

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