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Web Lab 3a

Images (photographs or others) intended for the Web need to be optimized for the Web, and they need to be properly cropped / sized for the page upon which they appear. To see an example of what can happen when you place an image too large for the Web space containing it, visit .

You will want to download this image to your computer. Make a note of its dimensions (height and width) and the file size. This image has already been at least partially optimized for the Web, but it is too large. You need to open the image in Fireworks, resize it and optimize it according to the instructions here. You do NOT need to crop this image.

When you resize the image you want it to be 560 pixels wide, and you want to resize the image with the “constrain proportions” box checked. Then export the optimized and resized image to some place on your external hard drive. When you export, you should name the image something like “yourname_riding-560.jpg” in which the 560 is a reminder that the image is 560 pixels wide.

Now you create a post filed under Web Lab 3. You will want to title the post something like “Images on the Web.” In your post do the following.

  1. Tell what you did to resize the image.
  2. Tell what the original image dimensions and file size were.
  3. Report the new image dimensions and file size after you did your optimizing.
  4. Place the new image in your post at full size (560 pixels wide) and with an appropriate caption.
  5. Tag you post with “images” and “optimizing files.”

You should make a note of the p number of your post, because you will be reporting it as part of lab 3b.

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