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Lubbock Nativity Exhibit

Sara Lindsay found out the hard way.

There is no money in art, she said Friday during the Lubbock Nativity exhibit at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Lindsay grew up in a family of artists, she said.

“Everyone in my family except for one brother was very artistic,” Lindsay said. “I went to Utah State hoping to become an illustrator.”

But after taking one sculpture course, Lindsay said she fell in love.

“I started sculpting and thought it was something I was born to do,” she said. “For me, it was my first time experiencing three-dimensional objects. It was amazing.”

It felt like home, she said. Molding clay and creating three-dimensional objects and people, like the piece she was sculpting Friday, came naturally, she said.


“Right now, I’m just working on a face,” she said.

As she used tools to shape the face of her piece, she explained to exhibit visitors how she was unsure of what it would become. Her original plan was to shape it into Mary, she said. But her face has a non-nurturing feel, she said. Her backup idea is to make the piece into an angel, she said. Sometime during her college career, Sara met her husband, David Lindsay. Shortly after, they married and had their first child while both attending Utah State, she said.

“We moved to Portland and became starving artists,” Lindsay said. “We didn’t make very much money over two years, but we made a lot of artwork.”

Much like his wife, David grew up with a constant art utensil in hand, he said. His love of art grew into a profession and he and Sara ended up in Lubbock with six kids, David said.

mary and jesus

This is the 6th year for the Lubbock Nativity exhibit and for David to run the local artist’s gallery section. Lindsay said they’ve both had a constant artistic presence each year.

“When my husband and I were doing the room last year, we noticed we had fewer artists than we were anticipating,” she said.

This year, her husband had an oil painting on display of Joseph, Mary and Jesus as well as a collaborative piece with his wife.

“I do have two more pieces in here that are not much like the pieces you’re seeing,” Sara said.

The couple said they love art, but they’ve learned not to rely on it to pay bills. Sara said the money isn’t important. It’s the passion that drives them, she said.

“We are very successful as artists, but it has no monetary gain,” Sara said.



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