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Coffee: Harmful or Helpful?

Regardless of if it’s served black or with cream and sugar, many Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. According to the National Coffee Association, the U.S. spends $40 billion on coffee each year.

Because of the stress and demands of university, college students make up a modest portion of this consuming of and spending on coffee.

Coffee not only helps students study and focus, but it also tends to be a social ordeal. Many college students have conversations with friends over a cup of coffee.


Although Starbucks is still a popular choice to go and get coffee, Texas Tech students tend to gravitate toward the more hip, local coffee shops in town including J&B Coffee Company, Gatsby’s Coffeehouse, and Yellow House Coffee.

It’s not a secret that coffee is highly prized among college students, but what is a secret is the truth of coffee’s advantages and disadvantages.


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