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Hazardous Waste

The opening line is: “Some local residents might be in some deep manure over fertilizer storage.” For this audio, I paired video of a cop in his cop vehicle due to the person being in trouble.

I then left a clip of natural sound and raw image of a worker removing the waste.

The following audio clip is describing how dangerous the waste is, so I showed an image of the actual waste containment and a worker removing it in front of caution tape; demonstrating how harmful it is.

Then the video talks about how workers had to make sure that no leaks of the waste had leaked into the air. For this audio, I paired a worker investigating and a brief shot of caution tape blowing in the wind to symbolize clean air.

Lastly, the video describes the resident not being able to be reached, so I showed a close up of the actual facility sign. The audio finally says that the owner has a deadline to move the waste to an approved facility, so I showed video of a worker physically moving the waste.

Hazardous Waste Final

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Meth Video Final project

When creating this video there was a large amount of video to sort through. I chose the sections I did, because I felt they told the story accurately by showing what the narrator was talking about, while also throwing in some active video to keep the viewers attention. I felt like, from beginning to end the VO flowed well and got the point across to the viewer.

Web portion VO

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