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Most people who see the sports world from the outside on TV have no idea the time and preparation it takes to bring them that coverage. It starts almost six months ahead when ESPN or Fox Sports begins to staff the hundreds of games they are set to broadcast. The day before a game is when the hard work begins. A crew of about 50 people show up to the stadium where the event is to take place to begin setting up the cables, cameras, audio, and the TV truck. This day usually takes about eight hours to make sure everything is working for the next day. On the actual game day, the crew arrives six hours before the game is set to begin to insure nothing has changed from the night before. As soon as the cameras go live there is no greater feeling than knowing all the hard work from the past two days is for this moment. The craziness of live sports is one thing I love. You can never except what might happen. In football it may be a game winning touchdown pass with one minute left to beat the number one ranked team in the country. In basketball it could be a buzzer beater, or a coach who is upset with a bad call and throws a chair. Once the game has ended and all the fans head home or to where ever it is they might be going, that is when the hard work begins again for the crew. The crew stays after the game for another two or more hours tearing down all the cables, cameras, and any other things that they have used. The passion I have for this feeling is something I live for. There is no greater feeling than knowing you are the reason sports fans all over the world are able to watch their favorite team.

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