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Test 2 Video Post

I selected the segments in this video to best accompany the voice over, a “show-and-tell” if you will. Although some of the video was unfocused and shaky, I managed to pick out four second segments to best show the story. The six minutes of footage provided was a little boring because it was all very similar. It would have been nice to have video of the man that stored the fertilizer.


This video was not shot or voiced by the editor.

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For this section I chose some pretty basic shots of the hazmat team, the police officer and the cans. I knew I needed wide shots to show the actual unit they were being stored in as well as the special containers they were legally supposed to be held in. Once I chopped up my cuts and picked the best shots overall, I laid them out in the best logical order, also lining them up with word cues.

For example- the speaker explains the cans are supposed to be in a specific type of container so I lined up that shot with the voice over. I think the end shot of the “DANGEROUS MATERIALS” tape and the hazmat guy moving the cans is the best shot in the bunch because of the movement and the location of the camera. It also provided me with a good place to insert a fade out.


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