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Alana Kiker

My name is Alana Kiker, I was born in Long Beach, California December of 1992. I spent my first year of life on the beautiful West Coast, but when I turned two my family moved to Houston, Texas for my Father’s job.

Raider Vision at Texas Tech University 2013

Raider Vision at Texas Tech University 2013

My family lived happily in Texas where I learned what a real thunderstorm was and had the hottest summers playing soccer and doing summer league swim teams. When I was going into middle school we moved again, back to Long Beach only a block away from the house my father grew up in.

My middle school years were spent at Newcomb Academy, running track, playing soccer, and playing volleyball. Soon enough I went to high school at Poly High, but only spent my freshman year before another move to The Woodlands, Texas.

I spent my sophomore through senior year at The Woodlands High School, but college could not come fast enough. I was ready for freedom and growth. My years after that I went to Texas Tech University where I grew more than I had my entire life and it happened fast. My freshman year was full of shenanigans, basking in the freedom of being 9 hours away from the parents. After that I was able to grow up a lot and add to my resume with internships, jobs, etc.

This is my senior year at Texas Tech, and I must say that I gained a lot more knowledge and experience than I thought I could hope for. My time here has been well spent, I will forever be a Red Raider.


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My History

Hey everyone!

I’m Lauren Harris. I’m working on majors in Journalism and Visual Communications and minors in English and Classics. I’m also a CA at Horn/Knapp where I love helping out and getting to know my residents… they keep me in line!

I’ve always been passionate about journalism and worked for my high school newspaper for 3 years. I enjoy writing feature pieces and working on the packaging and layout of stories. I hope to find work laying out a magazine. My favorite magazine, and also the best magazine in my opinion, is Esquire. Yeah, I know, it’s a men’s publication, but no women’s magazine can compete with the quality of the content of Esquire. If you can appreciate a magazine with substance and haven’t read it, I highly recommend picking up a copy, no matter your gender. So, yeah, a job doing anything at Esquire might very well be my dream job. Heck, I’d probably offer to be their janitor if I got to be around those geniuses for awhile.

My family lives in Dallas, they are extremely important to me. I have a younger brother, an older sister, and a nephew who will be 2 next month. (I can’t believe it!) I honestly don’t know how I would survive without them. My nephew, Everett, is one of my favorite reasons to visit home. One of the greatest things about him, and this is probably true for most people who know a toddler, is that it doesn’t matter if it’s been 3 months or 30 minutes since the last time he saw me, he gets super excited to see me EVERY time. It gives me such satisfaction to see him get so happy to see little ol’ me that his short chubby legs look like they might actually spring him up into my arms.

Everett and Me

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The road I’m on

In my opinion, the only part of one’s history that’s important is the one you make for yourself. For that reason, I won’t be mentioning where I grew up, what I did during my childhood, or the times I had during my stay in the mind-numbing institution we refer to as “public school.” Instead, I feel like my real life started when I became an adult and left the nest to pursue a higher education.

When I first came to Texas Tech I was certain that, after several years as the Editor-in-Chief of one of the best high school newspapers in the nation, I was on the path to becoming a serious journalist. I had always scoffed at less than hard-hitting news, and silly Cosmopolitan-esque magazines. However, what I never told anyone was that I was a closet addict to fashion. I can hardly remember a time in my life when I wasn’t gripping my copy of Vogue like it was the last Willy Wonka bar and the golden ticket was yet to be found, scanning the glossy pages, practically drooling over the feats of craftsmanship and design. Finally, after encouragement from my friends and family, I admitted to myself that the fashion industry was simply where I had to be. It was then that I took on a double major in journalism and fashion retailing (which is essentially a double major is fashion merchandising and marketing) with a minor in fashion design, and I’ve never been happier.

Upon finishing both my bachelor’s degrees, I’ll be getting my Master’s in journalism and going out into the ever-sensationalized “real world” to become a fashion journalist. I’ve made a commitment to achieving my dream job: Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine. So, look out Anna Wintour, I’m coming for your job.

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