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My entire life, I’ve always been taught to give back however I could. It only took me upwards of 15 years to figure out how I could possibly apply that to my chosen field of study. I’ve written stories and articles since I was a little girl; I always knew I would be in this field. It was difficult to figure out how my giving spirit and unbiased writing style could go together until one day it struck me that if I simply gave people the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I’d be more than fulfilling my goals.
Being a journalist should never be about furthering yourself. Once you take a job in the field, you become a public servant and are, or rather should be, bound by the SPJ Code of Ethics. Your sole purpose should be to share truths with your readership and make sure their needs as a community are being met. For me, it’s sometimes hard to remember that I should be reporting for others, and not necessarily on what I find interesting that week. Humans are inherently a little bit selfish; I’m sure even the most altruistic of their sorts derive a little pleasure from helping others.
It’s never been a choice for me to help people. I’ve always just kind of set out to use my knowledge and skill set to teach others the truths about their world.

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The road I’m on

In my opinion, the only part of one’s history that’s important is the one you make for yourself. For that reason, I won’t be mentioning where I grew up, what I did during my childhood, or the times I had during my stay in the mind-numbing institution we refer to as “public school.” Instead, I feel like my real life started when I became an adult and left the nest to pursue a higher education.

When I first came to Texas Tech I was certain that, after several years as the Editor-in-Chief of one of the best high school newspapers in the nation, I was on the path to becoming a serious journalist. I had always scoffed at less than hard-hitting news, and silly Cosmopolitan-esque magazines. However, what I never told anyone was that I was a closet addict to fashion. I can hardly remember a time in my life when I wasn’t gripping my copy of Vogue like it was the last Willy Wonka bar and the golden ticket was yet to be found, scanning the glossy pages, practically drooling over the feats of craftsmanship and design. Finally, after encouragement from my friends and family, I admitted to myself that the fashion industry was simply where I had to be. It was then that I took on a double major in journalism and fashion retailing (which is essentially a double major is fashion merchandising and marketing) with a minor in fashion design, and I’ve never been happier.

Upon finishing both my bachelor’s degrees, I’ll be getting my Master’s in journalism and going out into the ever-sensationalized “real world” to become a fashion journalist. I’ve made a commitment to achieving my dream job: Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine. So, look out Anna Wintour, I’m coming for your job.

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