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Coffee: Harmful or Helpful?

Regardless of if it’s served black or with cream and sugar, many Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. According to the National Coffee Association, the U.S. spends $40 billion on coffee each year.

Because of the stress and demands of university, college students make up a modest portion of this consuming of and spending on coffee.

Coffee not only helps students study and focus, but it also tends to be a social ordeal. Many college students have conversations with friends over a cup of coffee.


Although Starbucks is still a popular choice to go and get coffee, Texas Tech students tend to gravitate toward the more hip, local coffee shops in town including J&B Coffee Company, Gatsby’s Coffeehouse, and Yellow House Coffee.

It’s not a secret that coffee is highly prized among college students, but what is a secret is the truth of coffee’s advantages and disadvantages.


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Grounds Crew prepares for the planting portion of the Arbor Day festivities. Grounds Crew prepares for the planting portion of the Arbor Day festivities.

On April 26 Texas Tech students joined together at Memorial Circle for Arbor Day to help plant flowers, enjoy music, and come together as a campus.

Chanel Burke, a junior chemistry major, said she found out about the event because she heard the band playing when she came out of class and wanted to find out more.

“I heard music when I came out of the chemistry building,” Burke said, “so I decided to ask someone and walked up and saw people sitting and eating so i decided to join in the event.”

Burke went on to say the Tech Activities Board, or TAB, put on a great event and it was a fun way to get the students to come together and enjoy a beautiful day.

Many different organizations set up booths around Memorial Circle handing out free items such as T-shirts, koozies, bags, ice cream, and frisbees, while others came to show their support for Tech.

Baleigh Troull, a member of Phi Upsilon, an honor society for human sciences, said she was out for a community service event to spread awareness about their group and show love for the campus and students.

“It’s one of our community service projects,” Troull said, “It’s just kind of to show our support for the campus and we have done it every year of the event.”

Sami Tiano, a sophomore education major from Frisco, Texas, said she saw the huge crowd of people surrounding Memorial Circle, and couldn’t help but be excited to get involved with such a unique event.

“When I was walking back to my apartment, I saw a ton of people surrounding Memorial Circle and decided to see what was going on,” Tiano said.  “The band was awesome, and I raced to get in line for my own personal plant.”

Tiano said she got to take home a cilantro plant to grow at home, and stayed to listen to the music and eat with her friends.

“I didn’t want to leave right away,” Tiano said, “So I called some of my friends to come and hang out.”

Shelby Williams, a junior human development major from San Antonio, said she was at the event to hear the awards for the different student organizations.

“They give out awards for the best organizations,” Williams said, “and they do awards based on the division like best religious, best greek, and for the other student organizations.”

Burke, the junior chemistry major, said although she didn’t know about the event beforehand, it was really easy to be informed and felt very included.

“It really changed my average boring day,” Burke said, “instead of it being slow and boring, it was really fun and I’m not ready to leave.”

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