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My Passion – Telling Stories

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about writing. I’ve kept a journal for almost as long as I’ve been able to write and I enjoy recording events in my life… even the ones that seem mundane and unimportant. I have a knack for making even the smallest things sound important. I love to tell a story about buying the last sweater at a store like I was adopting the last orphan of a third world country. Throughout my life I have been a lot of places. My family moved a lot, and the dynamic of my family went through some pretty durastic changes, so over the years these journals have become priceless to me. They’re records of so many times in my life that would otherwise be gone completely. Even moments I swore at the time were unforgettable, now challenge my senses to recall… until I refer to my notebooks.

My biggest passion, however, is not telling my own story. I really love telling other people’s stories. I enjoy getting to see things from their perspective and walking in their shoes long enough to tell the story as if it were my own. This only applies to true stories, I’m no fan of fantasy as I have found that real life is just so much stranger than fantasy. The stories I love to hear are the kind you just can’t make up. I admire great storytellers like Eric Adler, Rick Bragg and John Krakauer. Someday I’d love to write nonfiction, but for now, I hope to start with feature pieces that tell the real stories of the people I meet.

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