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Social Media Changes Dating

Reporters, Kaitlyn Kravik and Alyssa Herzog, take a look at how social media is affecting the dating atmosphere at Texas Tech. They spoke with two individuals who come from different generations about how technology and social media has impacted their relationships.

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Bret Brown, a Texas Tech student, said social media affects his relationship with his girlfriend and he believes social media is important to some people.


“She prefers to text and snapchat a lot and she send things to me on Facebook and Twitter,” Brown said, “we communicate on a lot of different mediums, whether it be texting or social media or a lot of different things, so I think social media plays a very big role in dating.”


He also described an instance where his girlfriend changed her relationship status on Facebook when they began dating. He said his co-workers made a big deal of the notification on Facebook and although he said it is not important to him, he understands the concept of being “Facebook Official”.


Todd Chambers, dean of the College of Media and Communications, said social media has changed the standards of dating from when he was in the dating scene.


“I remember being terrified on a first date, walking up,” Chambers said as he knocked on his desk, “there’s just something about that face to face moment. Well now then maybe that first contact is electronic.”


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