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Dancers with Soul

By RaShayla Daniels and Maddie Mccarty

DWS after a performance.

DWS after a performance.

Texas Tech’s Dancers with Soul is a hip-hop team that brings together a diverse group of students.

Preston Opara breakdancing.

Preston Opara breakdancing.

Preston Opara, a junior at Tech, had no professional dancing experience when he auditioned.

“When I came to college, that’s the only chance I had to join a dance team,” Opara said.

He said he likes having an environment where he feels comfortable dancing, and the members of the team have become very close.

Mariana Cesar was looking for an alternative to the Tech Pom Squad when she auditioned for Dancers with Soul. She said she has been dancing her whole life and was on the drill team in high school.

“It’s a lot more lenient than I’m used to,” Cesar said. “It’s more fun and less stressful than high school dance.”

Any Tech students are welcome to audition for the team. The dancers perform anywhere from high schools to Tech basketball games.

Visit their Facebook page for more information on the group and auditions.

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Coffee: Harmful or Helpful?

Regardless of if it’s served black or with cream and sugar, many Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. According to the National Coffee Association, the U.S. spends $40 billion on coffee each year.

Because of the stress and demands of university, college students make up a modest portion of this consuming of and spending on coffee.

Coffee not only helps students study and focus, but it also tends to be a social ordeal. Many college students have conversations with friends over a cup of coffee.


Although Starbucks is still a popular choice to go and get coffee, Texas Tech students tend to gravitate toward the more hip, local coffee shops in town including J&B Coffee Company, Gatsby’s Coffeehouse, and Yellow House Coffee.

It’s not a secret that coffee is highly prized among college students, but what is a secret is the truth of coffee’s advantages and disadvantages.


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