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The newsroom dog, Sir Winston, does pick ’em

We put a GoPro on Winston and I had a camera by the food bowl to have two different perspectives. Then I uploaded the footage to Final Cut and edited it.

I learned that working with a dog is hard, especially since they don’t understand why you have a camera around their neck. However, it was fun – and adorable.

I chose the segments of the video I created in order to reflect the narrative segment. I began by showing the clip of the warehouse owner, because the narrator described that a local resident was in trouble over fertilizer storage. I then chose a clip of the hazardous substance. When they talked about the city inspector discovering the chemicals, I included the segment of the worker removing the chemicals from the storage space during a routine inspection. When they described what the substance is, I used close up and mid shots of the chemicals as well. When they talked about county hazmac crews investigating the chemicals released to make sure no ammonia was released, I used the shot of the Emergency Department of Environmental Protection Response Workers and Authorities on the site. I then included a shot of the worker again. When the narrator talked about how the owner would have to move the chemicals to an approved site, I included the shot of the truck backing up. (as if they were trying to relocate something).





Web Lab 3


I opened my video using Final Cut Express, and exported it using Quick Time Video. I changed the settings and the size to 426 x 213. Then I imported it to WordPress.



Web Lab 3b

I created the video for this Web Lab assignment by opening the Final Cut Project file version of my video, not the previously exported Quicktime movie file open in Final Cut. I selected all of my video footage, clicked on the File tab, clicked on Export, and selected “Using Quick Time Conversion.” After that, I reviewed the Web 3b directions to continue editing my video. After selecting “Using Quick Time Conversion, I opened the “Save As” dialog and  clicked on the “Options” button, instead of selecting “Default Settings.” Under the “Movie Settings” dialog box, I clicked on “Settings…” under the Video portion. I changed the Compressor Quality to Medium. When I returned to the “Movie Settings” dialog, I clicked on “Size…”. In this Size Settings dialog box, I selected the “Dimensions” drop down and chose “Custom”. After these steps, I typed in the new desired dimensions of 426 x 213 in the size boxes. Finally, I went back to the original export dialog box and changed the name of my file To WebLab3bVideo_LaurenBryant and exported it into my MAC external hard drive.


I discovered that optimizing a video in Final Cut Express is more detailed and requires more attention than resizing/optimizing a picture in Fireworks. There are more steps and it is a lengthier process. I also learned that when you are exporting a video project to a Quicktime file, you must use specific settings that are well-suited with your movie. If you are wanting to watch a movie on a large screen HD TV, you must select the highest definition settings that are compatible with the TV. However, if you wish to watch the movie on the Web, you must “dumb down” the specific settings so it won’t take a long period of time downloading the movie.




Why my video is the way it is

In my video, I began with the city inspector scene first. I thought this was fitting because it shows the viewer that something is going on, however it does not show exactly what just yet. I thought that it gave a nice sense of suspense.

For the next scene, I used the image of the cans in the storage units. The audio was talking about finding the hazardous materials so I found this to be a good image.

Lastly, I chose the segment where the men are putting up the caution tape and loading the cans into a truck. I let this segment run until the end because I did not think any further images needed to be added. I thought it was especially nice to close with the close up of the cans in the truck.





I created my video by using Final Cut Express. I learned how to capture the video onto the program, create a voice over, and how to include and match up background noises as well as my voice over with the video.





Web Lab 3b – Adding Video

Getting permission to shoot inside of the tunnel of oppression tour was the hardest part of acquiring the video. There had to be forms signed by those participating and the actors needed to be properly informed so as not to disturb their performances. Afterwards, however, the rest of the recording process was simple.



Tunnel of Oppression



When I placed my video in the FinalCut software, I have to admit, at first I was slightly overwhelmed. First I needed to cut all video I was not going to use, which in a nine minute clip was quite time consuming. Then once I narrowed it down to the proper sequencing I had to make sure the audio from my VO and natural sound for the event. Once that was secure I exported the file using QuickTimeConversion. I made sure all settings and dimensions were properly changed and converted so as to fit on the web page. The whole experience for me was very exciting, and having a camera in my hand recording an event made me feel extremely professional and optimistic for my profession.



Uploading Video

When I first made my 30-second video I chose to get video from a wine tasting event at the Host & Toast wine store. I made sure I had enough close ups, wide shots, and natural sound to complete the movie. Once I had captured enough footage I worked on it in Final Cut Express and did all of my editing. I also recorded audio of myself describing the event. After I had finished editing I exported the video to a Quick Time Movie.




In order to create my video for the web I opened up the video in Final Cut Express then exported it to Quick Time Conversion. I then changed the size setting to be 426 X 213. I also made sure the settings were at High Quality and fast start.



Web Lab 3b

In my video, which features Safe Treat, I went to the different residence halls to film the trick-or-treaters and I videoed the bus dropping off and picking them up. Afterward, I recorded my sound bite and during the editing process I cut the video down to 30 seconds and added in my recording.


In doing this video I learned how important camera angles are. I few times I was on an uneven surface so it made my shot tilted and it look really strange.



Posting a Video

For my 30 second VO I decided to do a story over Conor Mercer. He was a high schools student from Frenship who died in a hit and run accident. I was one of the first reporters on this case so I am quite immersed in the case. It is something of great interest to me and I found out some very vital information from surrounding neighbors.

Here is what I came up with:



To make this video I initially used Final Cut to compile all the clips and lay voiceover. Though to add it as a file in here I had to import it back to Final Cut from QuickTime. After the video was back in the track it was just a matter of exporting it using QuickTime Conversion and changing the detentions to fit the post.

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