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Web Lab 3b

I created the video for this post by opening the copy of the video¬† that had not been previously exported from my external hard drive into Final Cut Express. I clicked on the File tab, went to Export, and clicked on Using Quick Time Conversion. From here, I followed the directions as per the link on the Web Lab 3b directions. In the “Save As” dialog, I clicked on the “Options” button. With the “Movie Settings” dialog box popped up, I clicked on “Settings…” under the Video part. Here, I only changed the Compressor Quality to Medium. Back to the “Movie Settings” dialog, I clicked on “Size..”. In this Size Settings dialog box, I clicked the “Dimensions” drop down and chose “Custom”. After, I typed in the new desired dimensions¬† of 426 x 213 in the size boxes. After I was content, I went back to the original export dialog box and changed the name to something convenient for me to remember ( and exported it into my external hard drive.


Optimizing a video in Final Cut is much trickier than resizing and optimizing a picture in Fireworks. I learned that a video file needs to be “dumbed down” essentially when preparing for the Web because its size and dimensions need to be smaller for it to work how it is supposed to. However, there are several ways you can achieve this, but sizing down is the most efficient way to do this process of preparation for the Web.




30 Second Video

For this 30 second video, I started out with 5-7 second still shots of everything I saw at the fair.

After about 7-10 minutes of film, I did my voice over into the mic. with the frame closed.

I imported the video onto the computer and then saved it to my hard drive.I uploaded the video in Final Cut Express and started editing.

While editing I listen to my voice over so I could match up my video to what I was saying. I chose shots that would seem more appealing to my audience and gave a complete overview of what the fair was.

Out of all three videos this was by far my favorite.

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