Simple Car Problems You Can Fix Yourself

From time to time, everyone might face a problem or two with their car. Some of these issues might happen while you are traveling urgently somewhere. Some basic knowledge of your car and car repairs might come in handy in situations like those. Not all of your car problems need the expertise of a professional mechanic, and some of the jobs can be done yourself with the help of some simple tools you most likely have around your house. Here are some of the simple car issues you can fix yourself:

Dead Battery:


Almost all car owners might have faced this issue at least once in their lifetime. Most Dead Battery situations are likely to happen at night when you might have gone for a small errand while leaving your headlights or parking lights on. With a dead battery, you might be stranded after not being able to start your car. Obviously, this is an inconvenient and stressful situation for everyone involved. If you have a jump pack or a set of jumper cables, you can get your car started in minutes. If you are employing a jumping jack, connect the positive lead to the appropriate terminal of the battery and the negative lead to the engine ground or the chassis. Be careful not to touch the jump pack’s negative lead to the battery’s negative terminal. Once you have used your jump pack to start your car, let it charge overnight in the accompanying charger for future use. If you are using jumper cables to start your vehicle, you will also need a friendly car owner to help you.

Flat Tire:

Flat Tires are another simple car issue that could happen. Flat tires can occur if you run over a sharp object or nail during travel. If you have a spare tire, you can rectify the problem immediately by changing the damaged one. If you have a tire sealant, you can temporarily fix the tire by patching the puncture, inflating it, and fixing the tire back into the car. However, if you have temporarily fixed your tire using a sealant, you must visit a mechanic shop to ensure its safety.


Keep a pair of wiper blades in your trunk to ensure your safety during the monsoon or rainy season. If your existing wiper blades malfunction or are not working properly, you must replace them. To replace your old wiper blades with new ones, slide the small clip that keeps the blades attached to the wiper arms. Discard the old blade and install the newer ones into the groove provided. After ensuring that your new blades are sitting correctly, make sure to click them into place.

Headlight Bulbs:

Headlight Bulb replacements are the most straightforward car repair jobs to do. However, it might vary according to different cars. If you are unsure about the procedure, check your owner’s manual. In most cars, the process of headlight removal is relatively the same. To remove your headlights, open your vehicle’s hood and inspect the lamp assembly. You might find a rubber boot that protects the headlight. Remove this rubber boot, unplug the wires and then release the clip attached to the bulbs.